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Please discover a selection of frequently sought answers that may be of interest to you during your visit to our website.

After you've placed your order and uploaded your print-ready artwork file, there's a two-hour grace period during which you can make adjustments to your artwork. Once this window has passed, our system will automatically process and send your file for printing. At this stage, it may not be feasible for us to replace the artwork file in the printing queue.

If you have any concerns about your artwork file, please get in touch with us right away.

We provide four production time options: Saver, Standard, Express, and Same Day. Saver is ideal for those looking to save money and not in a hurry. Standard is our regular service, while Express accelerates the production time. Same Day is our fastest option, ensuring orders placed with print-ready artwork before 11 am will be printed and dispatched on the same day, with delivery the next working day to most selected areas.

Swan Design International is affiliated with a worldwide network of specialized print facilities. Your orders are processed within this network, with production occurring at various plants in the UK, Bangladesh, and India. To enhance our service and ensure efficient, high-quality delivery to local markets, we collaborate with and utilize local suppliers and printers.

We adhere to the ISO standard FOGRA39 specification to maintain consistent color quality. To ensure this consistency, we have dedicated quality control personnel, known as "color champions," who continuously monitor and document any variations in our printing processes, paper stocks, and other environmental or technical elements that might impact color consistency.

We do provide spot color printing. In the printing industry, CMYK, which stands for cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (black), are the four process colors typically used. CMYK is the standard for artwork intended for print, whereas RGB is used for digital artwork.

Please ensure that your print artwork uses the CMYK color setting. Our prepress system automatically converts any RGB or spot colors to CMYK, which can sometimes result in a discrepancy between the on-screen color and the printed output.

You can easily adjust the color settings within your design software. In Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator, you can change the color settings in the proof setup menu, located under the view menu.